The Lymphatic System and the Skin

As I have previously mentioned in one of my previous blog posts, I have been incorporating lymphatic drainage into my “skincare routine”. How does this have any impact on my skin? Well..

Many of us may know that the lymphatic system is important for the immune system as it helps to remove waste and toxins from the body, however it also plays a vital role in how how skin appears.

The ability of the skin to remain hydrated relies heavily on the lymphatic system and is part of the delivery pathway of fat soluble vitamins such as Beta carotene into other parts of the body ie the skin. In order for the lymphatic system to work effectively we must ensure that we are intaking adequate amounts of fluid and regularly moving our body. If we fail to do this the lymphatic fluid will become thicker and result in the accumulation of toxins which diminishes cell renewal and repair needed for wound healing  and the tissue can become poisoned from its own waste leading to skin breakouts and skin rashes.



I guess another way to explain how lymph drainage works to improve acne is due to its efficacy in reducing inflammation and as a lot of us already know, acne is an inflammatory condition, hence reducing inflammation will result in a reduction in inflammatory lesions (acne).

From my own experience I always felt sore in my neck and along my jaw line and coincidently this was the area in which my breakouts were present. Upon inspection it was noted that I had a fibrotic lymph node in my jaw due to constant inflammation of the node. This means that my lymph cannot flow freely and really benefits from lymph drainage to assist in fluid movement to help remove the waste and toxins from my body. Once I started incorporating manual lymph drainage into my routine I noticed the pain go away and the puffiness of my face reduced and the acne in the area began to clear. Although the reduction in acne was due to many different factors (chemical peels, skincare, needling, diet etc). I believe manual lymphatic drainage is highly underrated in treating acne and should definitely be considered and recommended more often!





  1. I relate to your blog so much, I have tried everything to clear my acne. At least I thought I did, until I read these posts. I am definitely going to try lymphatic drainage, visit a naturopath and change my diet and also look into skin needling. Thank you so much, I have a little bit of hope again to clear my skin. Keep on posting.


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