Why I regret using proactiv!

Do you know what it is that you are really putting on your skin?

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One thing that makes ProActiv so successful is the amount of celebrities that are endorsing the product.
“ProActiv is a game changer. It kills acne and treats your skin right.” -Adam Levine
“Im not perfect, Im ProActiv.” -Mandy Moore
Heres why I regret using ProActiv:
1) My skin wasn’t THAT bad when I started using ProActiv. Yes ProActiv initially got rid of my pimples, however it stripped my skin of all of its oil and left me with dry patches.
2) Once I stopped using ProActiv all hell broke loose and I began getting cystic acne with hypersensitive skin and nothing else that I used would work.
Lets talk about the ingredients that are found in ProActiv products.

BENZOYL PEROXIDE: The concentration of Benzoyl Peroxide in Proactiv is 2.5%, so it is relatively low compared to other antibiotics. This is a very popular ingredient used in acne products which is known to kill bacteria. Benzoyl peroxide causes the skin to become dry, in my case my skin was dry before I started using ProActiv and I did not need to have all the oil on my face stripped in order to remove my acne. ALL ACNE SKINS ARE NOT CAUSED FROM EXCESS OIL.
This drying out of the skin actually causes damage to the skins lipid bilayre which is in turn what causes increased sensitivity and contact irritant dermatitis. Your skin can even become dependant on benzoyl peroxide, thus ensuring customers will repurchase and keep the companies pockets full. I am not saying don’t use products with benzoyl peroxide, because in some cases in can be extremely beneficial. It is however, recommended to see a skin specialist who can prescribe you the correct dosage or offer an alternative.

SODIUM HYDROXIDE: This is an extremely alkaline ingredient which can cause irritation to the skin and can even cause burns.

Phenoxyethanol, Potassium hydroxide, Scutellaria baicalensis root extract and Ethylhexylglycerin: These are all ingredients that irritate the skin and used in conjunction cause hypersensitivity.
Has anyone who uses ProActive stopped to wonder why it bleaches your towels and pillow cases? This is due to the benzoyl peroxide bleaching effect. If it is doing this to your towels, just imagine what it is doing to your face!

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